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TM2580E Multi-function vacuum membrane pressing machine

General Introduction:

It is used to work with various high-quality PVC, high gloss, hot transfer and veneer at one side.

The products are of high quality, and will not peel off. The line and groove is clear.

This machine can choose loading pressure two times mode by silicon rubber sheet to ensure the quality



1、Chinese “ZD” vacuum pump,adopting German technology, Its horsepower is strong and seldom breaks down  

Vacuum  pump

2、The main engine of hydraulic pressure system uses international advanced system. The plate plug-in principle features advanced structure, low malfunction rate, high flow and rapid pressure (pressing time about 5 seconds instead of traditional pressing time 15-20 seconds) thus promoting production efficiency.

Hydraulic pressure system

3、The operation system chooses the international branded ”Delta” PLC control equipment. The large man-machine touch screen is used. The machine is easy to control, and the technology is highly advanced. The automatic degree is very high.

“Delta” PLC

Operation panel

4、The main electrical equipments for control system adopt “Schneider” , “Weidmuller”,  Taiwanese ”Delta”, Chinese ”CHINT”.

Electrical system

5、Number display current, voltage display, are easy to see. The micro computer temperature control equipment is adopted to control the temperature exactly.

6. The machine frame is made up of 8 whole pieces of armor plates excavated to avoid welding deformation.

Machine frame

7.The travel system for plate movement adopts our company’s patent, which matches the frequency governor, forming low speed to start, gradually speed up, high speed to move, low speed to stop. Ensure stable movement to avoiding translocation of the work piece.

Frequency governor

8.The machine include two pieces of Partition wall, which is used for covering different colors PVC film at one time.

TM2580H main specialties: humanized designs.

1. Alarm designs for malfunction in PLC program are more comprehensive. The malfunctions are clear and easy to maintain.

2. Various sensing system is installed, they roundly monitor machine’s running, if finding the abnormities, and they start the presetting program to ensure the rate of finished products.

3. If the PVC film ruptured during process, the machine will start the remedial program to ensure the rate of finished products.

4. Machine have 4 models, we can choose correct model according to the different workmanship

5. PLC internal set a mandatory maintenance program.

Technical Specifications:

Exterior size: 12030mm×2230 mm×2150mm

Working plate size:3360mm×1270mm(inner size)

The maximum size of the work piece:3220X1150MM

Suitable for cabinet, the width of PVC film should be about 1400mm

Maximum height of the work piece: 50mm(including bottom plate.If you have special higher work piece,please indicate in advance,so that choosing a heightening frame in 25mm)

Rating working pressure: Positive pressure≤0.6Mpa (the second pressure is 0.4Mpa)

 Negative pressure≥-0.095Mpa

Total Power:81.2Kw

(Upper heat transfer oil heating system:54kw,lower electrical heating system:14.4kw,vacuum pump:2.2kw,hydraulic pressure system:5.5kw,circulating heat conduction oil pump:3kw,travel motor:1.1kwX2(two tables)=2.2kw)

Actual power consumption: About 16-18kw( we don’t use lower heating board until processing the high gloss, as turning on the machine,the temperature just need to reach  45-55℃,  the upper board,heat transfer oil in high energy storage,after heating,it can keep the temperature for long time,subsequent supplementary and keep heat just need nearly 1/3 of total power,the vacuum pump and hydraulic pressure system don’t start until needing)

Weight: 15.8T

Payment: 30% deposit, balance 70% before shipment (in advance 2 weeks before shipment).

Delivery time: 30days after receiving 30% deposit.

Packing material: EPE film+ preservative film

Package size: 4.1x2.25x2.05m; 2.46x1.25x1.9m (not including optional devices)

 Maine machine package

Accessories package

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